Ms Prideel Majiedt
Marine Projects Officer
SANBI: Marine Programme
All the best for 2010. I hope you guys had a very good festive season and that business was booming. I have seen your website, and it has grown immensely since I saw it last year. You guys are doing an amazing job. I was hoping you would be willing to let us put your link on the Reef Atlas website as an example of what amazing work non-academics can do.

Professor Christopher Cameron
Integrative Biology Group
Sciences biologiques
Université de Montréal
C.P. 6128, Succ. Centre-ville
Montreal, QC, Canada H3C 3J7
Thanks very much for the kind offer to dive with you.

I am planing to be in the Port Elizabeth area in mid-July and will make plans to come by  for a visit.  I've enjoyed the  Eastern Cape Scuba Diving web page - it's a great resource for me, a newbie to SA.

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