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(Aegires sp) Knobbly nudbranch
Aegires sp (Knobbly nudbranch)
Sunday 16th November 2014
Gerhard Naude took these photos of this nudi and ask if we can identify it Yes it is the Knobbly nudbranch (Aegires sp) It is a rare specie to find due to it small size
Noumea Dorid
Saturday 1st November 2014
Johan Swanepoel photographed this nudibranch at Table Mountain - Phillips Reef on 24/06/2014 It seem to be a new undescribed specie for this area - Noumea sp
Tubulanus annulatus (Banded ribbonworm)
Tubulanus annulatus (Banded ribbonworm)
Thursday 17th October 2013
Glen Jacoby took these photographs of the Tubulanus annulatus (Banded ribbonworm) at Phillips reef on 07/09/2013 It seems that this is a visitor from Europe in our waters
Spondyliosoma emarginatum (Steentjie)
Spondyliosoma emarginatum (Steentjie)
Thursday 17th October 2013
Jared Nosworthy took these photos of this fish and ask me to identify it I saw it once before,on a photo Sharon took a year or two ago and I could not identify it then , So I decided to ask some help of my friend I know that know
Epinephelus poecilonotus (Dot-dash grouper)
Saturday 11th May 2013
Neil Bruton took this photo on the 11 th of May 2013 near the Bellbouy Came about as quite a find!!
Protea dorid (Noumena protea)
Thursday 6th September 2012
One of our divers (Andre Swarts) took this fantastic photo at Noordhoek, Port Elizabeth. I have not seen something like this before. Why would they congregate like this? I was first thinking it might be a bunch of eggs that breed out but they seem to big for that. Could it be mating strategy? I was not aware that they would do this!
Monday 18th April 2011
A request from the Cecierj Foundation in Brazil
JS Aquatic
Monday 18th April 2011
Underwater cameras for sale
East Coast Fish-Watch
Friday 18th February 2011
EasternCapeScubaDiving.co.za got mentioned in the EAST COAST FISH-WATCH REPORT • JAN - DEC 2010
Ringed sylid worm
Saturday 18th December 2010
Gerald Smith took this photograph of the Ringed sylid worm(Autolytus charcoti) at the Bellbouy on 18 December 2010 This was quite a find
Piseinotecus sp. (Jacoby nudibranch)
Piseinotecus sp.
Saturday 11th December 2010
Glen Jacoby and Johan Swanepoel took these photographs of the Pisenotecus sp.on 11 December 2010 at Phillips Reef (PE).This is the first record of this specie in Southern Africa (we named it after Glen for ID purposes until a common name can be established)
Colonial stalked jellyfish
Wednesday 1st December 2010
Evania Lombard photographed this colonial stalked jellyfish at Sharkgully(PE) on 02 June 2010. For Id purposes we called this the Stauroza sp after its "order" since we battle to identify the specie. For more information click om the photo
Acanthistius joanae (Whiteblotched koester)
Whiteblotched koester
Monday 15th November 2010
Neil Bruton took this photograph of the Acanthistius joanae (Whiteblotched koester)at Sharkgully in Port Elizabeth on 14 November 2010. This specie is only recently described
Papery burnupena(Burnupena papyracea) and Nodular bryzoan(Alcyonidium spp)
Papery burnupena & Nodular bryzoan
Wednesday 1st September 2010
Glen Jacoby photographed these to species at Sharkgully in Port Elizabeth on 22/08/2010 This is a the welk Papery burnupena(Burnupena papyracea) with the Nodular bryzoan(Alcyonidium spp) growing on it.This is a huge range extention for both species as it is only known in the Atlantic ocean up to Cape Agulhas.
Cephalodiscus gilchristi
Sunday 18th July 2010
We were honoured with a visit by Prof Chris Cameron from University of Montréal, Canada who is looking for specimens of Cephalodiscus gilchristi.
Salpa sp (Salpa)
Pelagic seasquirt
Monday 28th June 2010
Riaan Rossouw took this photograph of the pelagic turnicate (Salpa sp)on 06/06/2010 at Three Sisters in East Londen while doing a safety stop.A rare sighting
Pavoclinus laurentii (Rippled Klipfish)
Rippled Klipfish
Saturday 12th June 2010
Sharon Clark took this photograph of the Rippled flipfish (Pavoclinus laurentii)at the Slipway in Port Elizabeth on 12/06/2010. This is range extention for this specie of klipfish
Nudibranchs of Port Elizabeth
Nudibranchs of Port Elizabeth DVD
Friday 11th June 2010
Evania Lombard ,one of our founder members brought out her DVD called "Nudibranchs of Port Elizabeth" last month. In order to obtain this DVD kindly send us an Email and Evania will contact you
Preactis millardae (Sock anemone)
Sock anemone
Sunday 28th March 2010
Neil Bruton took this photograph of this Preactis millardae(Sock anemone)at Three Sisters on 28/03/2010 Evania Lombard photographed the same specimen on the same dive
Cratena sp 4 (Brown Cratena)
Brown orange-eyed nudibranch
Sunday 10th January 2010
Johan Swanepoel & Mark de Vries took photographs this rare Brown orange-eyed nudibranch(Cratena sp4) at Bellbouy on 10/01/2010
Bonisa nakaza (Blue gas flame nudibranch)
New gas flame nudibranch
Saturday 2nd January 2010
Glen Jacoby took this photograph of the Bonisa nakaza(Blue gas flame nudibranch) at Sharkgully on 02/01/2010
Unidentified fish
Unidentified fish
Wednesday 30th September 2009
Johan Swanepoel took this photograph of this unidentified fish at Scotmans reef on 26/09/2009 Can you help us Id this specie
Thursday 20th August 2009
Juan Snyman took this photographs on 23/05/2009 of the damage done to Shark gully
Fleet Klipfish
Tuesday 5th May 2009
Juan Snyman took this photograph of the fleet flipfish (Climacoporus navalis)at the Haerlem wreck on 02/05/2009. This is rare specie of klipfish in our waters
Unidentifeid fingerfin
Undescribed fingerfin
Wednesday 31st December 2008
Juan Snyman took this photograph of the Chirodacttylus Sp (Undescribed fingerfin)at Shiprock on 03/12/2008
Ophisurus serpens(Sand snake eel)
Sand snake eel
Tuesday 25th November 2008
Juan Snyman took this photograph of the Ophisurus serpens(Sand snake eel)at Slipway on 25/11/2008 Finaly we got it identified
Austrobatrachus foedus (Puzzeld toadfish)
Puzzeld toadfish
Friday 31st October 2008
Johan Swanepoel took this photograph of the Austrobatrachus foedus (Puzzeld toadfish) at Shiprock on 30/10/2008
Trigloporus sp (Streaked Gurnard)
Undescribed gurnard
Friday 15th August 2008
Juan Snyman took this photograph of the Trigloporus sp (Streaked Gurnard)at The Kraal on 11/11/2008
Bornella adamsi(Dragon Nudibranch)
Nudibranch range extention
Thursday 7th August 2008
Juan Snyman took this photograph of the Bornella adamsi (Dragon Nudibranch) at Scotsmans on 29/07/2008
Unidetinfied turnicate
Unidescribed turnicate
Monday 30th June 2008
Juan Snyman took this photograph of the undescribed tunicate at the Haerlem wreck on 25/06/2009. Unknown to us this is a undescribed specie which occurs inabundance on our deeper reefs
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