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Scientific name: Balaenoptera acurorostrata
Common name: Dwarf mink whale
Phyulm Sub Phylum Class Sub Class Order Sub Order Family Sub Family Genus Species
Chordata Vertebrata Mammalia Theriformes Cete Cetacea Balaenopteridae Balaenopterinae Balaenoptera Balaenoptera acurorostrata


Short Description:

The minke whales are the second smallest baleen whale - only the pygmy right whale is smaller.The minke whale is a black/gray color. Common minke whales (northern hemisphere variety) are distinguished from other whales by a white band on each flipper. The body is usually black or dark-gray above and white underneath. Minke whales have between 240 and 360 baleen plates on each side of their mouths. Most of the length of the back, including dorsal fin and blowholes, appears at once when the whale surfaces to breathe.Minke whales typically live for 30–50 years; in some cases they may live for up to 60 years

Size: Estimates of maximum length vary from 9.1 to 10.7 metres 30 to 35 ft) for females and 8.8 to 9.8 metres  for males. Both sexes typically weigh 4–5 tonnes at maturity, and the maximum weight may be as much as 14 tonnes 
Behaviour: The whale then breathes 3-5 times at short intervals before 'deep-diving' for 2–20 minutes. Deep dives are preceded by a pronounced arching of the back. The maximum swimming speed of minkes has been estimated at 20 km/h
Diet: These whales opportunistically feed on plankton (e.g., krill and copepods), and crustaceans (e.g. pelagic red crabs, shrimp) as well as schooling fish (e.g., anchovy, herring, sardine, mackerel, and pilchards)
Distribution: Minke whales are widely distributed throughout the world, commonly found from the poles to the tropics but prefer the open sea.
Depth: 1500mm
Habitat: Pelagic
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Photographer Date City Area Dive site Temp Size Depth Camera Photo Video
Lloyd Edwards-(Port Elizabeth) 2008-05-27 Port Elizabeth Algoa Bay (PE)-Port Elizabeth General Coastline 16 8m 1m Nikon D200 photo
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